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frequent causes of malfunctions and problems
articolazione temporo mandibolare dolori lugano ticino

The jaw is a moving bone that is articulated with the rest of the skull through the two temporal-mandibular joints that are right in front of the ear. Mandibular movements are determined by complex neuro-muscular functions and the same structures forming part of the joint: mandibular condyle, joint, disk and ligaments.


Symptoms can arise from all these areas, ranging from noisy movements of the mandibular joints, apparently insignificant, to major pain and limitations of the movements of the jaw itself.

Pain caused by ATM is the most important symptom and is found in 5/10% of the population, more often in women between the ages of 20 and 40.
This symptom is not always recognized correctly and often the pain is mistaken for ear problems.

Frequently tense muscle cramps cause or induce ATM levels.


atm dolori articolazione temporo mandibolare lugano ticino
dolori articolazine mandibolare lugano ticino

We invite you to consult a specialist if you experience noise from the region in front of your ear when you open and close your mouth, if you have pain in this region and if you are experiencing limited dental movements.

The diagnosis of ATM problems requires accurate visits and frequent examinations such as CBCT and magnetic resonance imaging. Treatments of these pathologies often involve more specialists, but the role of the orthodontist in determining occlusion and condilation is often crucial.

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