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Procedure COVID-19

The clinic offers the option of choosing treatment with Dentosophie upon request of the patient and/or his/her family.

Given the great demand for Dentosophie received by parents in recent years, I outline here my thoughts about it and above all the guidelines I apply for this type of treatment.

Dentosophie is an alternative approach to common orthodontic therapies and the ideal balance of mouth rebalancing is related to the rest of the body. Indeed, orthodontics re-introduces many well-known interventions, such as the myopic approach to muscle rehabilitation.  Montaud, founder of Dentosophie, defines Dentosophie as "a therapy characterized by a humanistic approach to dental art, based on known functional techniques, which highlights the link between the balance of the mouth and the balance of the human being" and clearly framed it in a broader view of functional approaches to the rehabilitation of oral functions.i.

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