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The story of the clinic of Orthodontist Paola Merlo begins in January of 2011, following the acquisition of two previous historical businesses from Dr. Giorgio Pfyffer and Dr. Guido Ferrazzini, orthodontists practicing in Ticino for over 40 years.


Dr. Paola Merlo specializes solely in orthodontics for children and adults, with particular reference to early interception of malocclusion and their care in pre-adolescent, adolescent and adult life.

Pedodontics and child dental care is guaranteed for children starting at 2 years of age.


The approach taken by certified hygienists enables the treatment of small patients when it comes to oral hygiene instructions, fluoroprophylaxis and professional cleaning. The goal of the clinic is to ensure that children and parents have the utmost protection of their teeth before and after orthodontic therapies, especially those with braces.


In addition to traditional treatments, the clinic offers invisible orthodontic treatments. These include the lingual technique, where orthodontic braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, and the invisalign technique, where custom-made invisible aligners are worn over the teeth. Most orthodontic cases are treatable in a way that is completely invisible, without compromising the patients’ relationship life, particularly for adults.


Cases requiring orthognathic surgery are performed by Prof. Albino Triaca and his team from the Pyramide Clinic in Zurich.


General dentistry treatments are requested, when needed, to family dentists or referred to specialists in the Ticino area.

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