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Interceptive orthodontics

Early intervention in young children often enables the resolution or simplification of many types of malocclusions.

Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics aims to improve the development of the skeleton of the face and mouth of the patient by intervening on the growth and coordination processes of bones, muscles and teeth.

Adolescent Orthodontics

Adolescent orthodontics is widely used from the ages of 11 and 18 and is probably the largest part of orthodontic treatments.


Orthodontics today is also widely used in young adult and adult patients.

Preprosthetic Orthodontics

Adult patients with complex problems such as loss of dental elements, periodontal problems, and temporomandibular  [...]


In many cases it is possible to obtain a satisfactory alignment using an orthodontic lingual [...]


Invisalign is a latest method to align your teeth without applying orthodontic braces and metal wires: it uses custom-made invisible aligners 


Orthodontic surgery enables the adult patient to correct facial imperfections, particularly the relationship between the upper and lower jaw, in adult patients.


Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the care of children's teeth, concerning deciduous teeth and immature permanent teeth whose roots have not yet fully formed.

Treatments of dysfunction and pain in the mandibular temporal joints

Pain caused by ATM is the most important symptom and is found in 5/10% of the population, more often in women between the ages of 20 and 40 [...]

Orthodontic retreatment

Sometimes it is necessary to propose an orthodontic retreatment to the patient, either to accommodate the patient's dissatisfaction [...]

Orthodontics and Periodontology

Depending on the periodontal condition of the subject and especially in the presence of periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment may be performed under safe conditions


The clinic offers the option of choosing treatment with Dentosophie upon request of the patient and/or his/her family. Given the great demand for Dentosophie received by parents in recent years, I outline here my thoughts about it and above all the guidelines I apply for this type of treatment.

Dental care

- Pediatric hygiene

- Adult hygiene

-Hygiene of the orthodontic patient

- Whitening

- White spots  

Evaluation dental facial orthopedics​ for Invalidity Insurance (AI)

Il diritto alle cure ortodontiche sotto copertura di Assicurazione Invalidità (AI) è stabilito in base a criteri dentali e cefalometrici ben definiti.

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