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Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the care of children's teeth, concerning deciduous teeth and immature permanent teeth whose roots have not yet fully formed.

The choice of whether or not to treat milk teeth follows some basic guidelines, the first of which is the age of the milk tooth itself. Milk teeth that fall out and grow in during the second 10-12 year transition period (milk canines and milk molars), if they contain cavities, always require a treatment at least two years before the changeover. Often, when making a decision, it is crucial to take X-rays.

Children’s permanent teeth have immature apexes requiring a particular approach in the case of canal treatments, in order to preserve the natural development of the root as much as possible.

The use of the dental dam is also recommended in pediatric age, for the management of operating ranges suitable for conservative adhesive procedures and also for the protection against accidental ingestion.

The field of dental traumatology in for children also belongs to pedodontics, including the treatment of fractured or dilated permanent teeth and trauma to milk teeth.

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