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The relationship between orthodontics and periodontology is close and often subject to significant scientific discussions.

The orthodontic movement is due to the biological characteristics of the periodontal ligament, that of the functional anatomy unit consisting of gingiva, alveolar bone, ligament fibers and root cement that envelops the root of dental elements.

Depending on the periodontal condition of the subject and especially in the presence of periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment may be performed under safe conditions. In cases where there is periodontal inflammation, orthodontic treatment should not be undertaken or should be discontinued, even if severe iatrogenic damage is caused.

Small periodontal losses can be acceptable in many orthodontic treatments, without clinically compromising the dentition significantly. In other cases, sometimes even for young and very young patients, orthodontic treatment is indispensable in order to restore periodontal health, as in obviously traumatic occlusion situations.

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