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Sealing is a recommended preventive action for the protection against cavities of the permanent teeth that recently came in. It consists of applying a fluid resin that can seal the dental area over the chewable surface of permanent molars and premolars.

The sealing must be done with expertise and based on a precise dental protocol. Should it not be done in this way, the results can be damaging.

The sealing of the first permanent molars done around the ages of 6-8, for the premolars, in cases where it is necessary, around the ages of 10-11, and for the molars, around the ages of 12-13.

Whether or not it is possible to proceed with the sealing depends especially on the anatomy of the tooth itself, if it is more or less anfrattuous, the the level of hygiene maintained by the child and the patient's likelihood of getting cavities, as well as the number of cavities from the past.



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