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The School Dental Service is entrusted to Dentist Paola Merlo from September 2014, for the elementary school of Ruvigliana Bré and the Gordola Brione Verzasca middle school.

The School Dental Service provides students with dental prophylaxis and dental care up to a maximum of CHF 700.- annually. 
A more detailed description of the general characteristics of the School Dental Service can be found by clicking here.

After the first visit, which normally takes place during the months between September and December, the Family is offered the necessary care. Parents must indicate their consent to the specific care provided in the Yellow Book of the Dental Service, where a specially formulated and stamped questionnaire is given, with the choices "I agree" "I disagree".

The students of the elementary school Ruvigliana Bré receive visits and care directly in the clinic located in Via Peri 9D, usually on Thursday afternoons.

scuola elementare Ruvigliana Bré
scuola media Gordola Brione Verzasca

The students of the middle school Gordola Brione Verzasca receive visits and care directly to the well-equipped Dental Clinic located within the school.

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