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The trauma

When the upper gum teeth protrude more than 3 mm from the lower gum, or in the presence of severe second class dental skeleton, the patient is statistically more at risk of upper incisor fractures in comparison to other children. This condition requires parents to be educated.

In the case of a traumatic fracture of the anterior tooth, it is recommended not to throw the piece of broken tooth but to take it with you to the dentist. In the event of a permanent tooth loss with its root (complete dislocation) it is of utmost importance to get to a dentist within one hour, as the dentist can proceed to replant it.
The tooth should be stored in a liquid environment, in milk, in water, or even in the mouth in contact with saliva.


In most cases, the re-planted tooth will go into reabsorption over time.  The aim of replanting is, however, not only the recovery of the tooth, but also to allow the young patient to grow and have a normal jawbone development, while waiting for the moment in which the osteointegrated implant can be inserted.

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