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Professional hygiene has been carried out since childhood, it is a path of prevention that accompanies people throughout their lives.

Even before teeth erupt, you need to take care of your child’s mouth. With a damp gauze or special gloves, massage the gums, cheeks and tongue. To reassure the newborn during these activities, it is recommended to speak with reassuring voice and smile.

As soon as the first tooth erupts, it is possible to use a soft bristle toothbrush and small head, those commercial ones dedicated to the age range of 0-3 years, but do not use toothpaste until the child is able to spit on their own.


Around the age of 3, the baby will want to start brushing their teeth alone, let the child play with his toothbrush, help him make the right movements.


It is recommended that parents brush their children’s teeth afterwards, performing the correct movements to ensure that all bacterial plaque is removed, preferably three times a day.


The hygiene sessions in the clinic are being performed as of the age of 3, it is the responsibility of orthodontist and dental hygienist to promote the maintenance of oral health.

Hygienic sessions for children are useful for the child to get acquainted with the environment, learn the correct brushing techniques and intercept early problems.


During pediatric oral hygiene sessions, the staining of the bacterial plaque occurs, visibly showing where the child has difficulty brushing teeth surfaces; the correct brushing techniques are explained, removing the plaque and tartar residue and any surface pigments. Depending on the need, topical fluorine applications are made to strengthen the tooth polish.

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